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Before I start let me share with you guys a little story that happened to me this morning.

For quite a while now I've been doing a lot of walking and lifting weights a little bit every now and then, Eating healthy and making sure to get out of my chair and stretch when I'm doing art projects, And I've been doing this not because I wanted to be super-fit or something, I just want to be healthy and be able to not only be there for my family when they need it but also have enough energy and strength when I need it.

Getting up pretty early and going to bed early or late but still doing what I need to do if I wake up late, I must admit it feels weird and good to be back and schedule again not to mention feeling a lot nicer than how it used feel is a nice benefit and a blessing.

Any case this morning I was going out for my morning walk when someone was driving a vehicle and it said to me "stay determined" (though at that moment where it was raining I could really hear him) and then he drove off, that was both very nice and yet confusing to me, but I continued my walk then about halfway through my first lap I saw this person again parking near where I was walking up to and curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask what he said to me.

And he said stay determined, and he explained to me that he and his friend would see me every morning during my routine and his friend (which had drove up what I was talking to his friend) said that I am a real inspiration to them doing what I'm doing and trying to be healthy and fit, at first for a few motivated I didn't know what to say,

'Me, inspiration some people just because I'm doing what I'm doing now?'

I talked to them for a minute or two more before I had to Continue on my way, and as I was leaving they said to me "stay determined" And that I'm doing great and i'm losing weight and then drove off.

This was a very interesting morning, Lord blessed me this was a very good morning.

It's really interesting what inspires people even if you're not aware of it yourself or that you didn't intended for to happen and still did, This makes me happy, not because I was praised for my work (which that was nice to) but because I was inspiring them to do better as well....=}

With that interesting story out of the way here's the updates of my current projects I'm working on.

Fish Man project, sketching complete, Inking pic at 70% and coloring 0%

Dragon pony project, sketching complete Inking pic at 50% and coloring at 0%

Nurse's request project, sketching pic's at 65% inking pic's 0% and coloring at 0%

The stone and the mare comic project, sketching pic's at 30% inking the pic's at 0% and coloring at 0%

That is all the projects I'm working on right now suffice to say I'm busy right now, not to mention that the comic that I'm working on is an entry for a competition that I want to enter in and will be working on a lot of that the next few months.

The comic will be around 30 pages and will be a slice of life theme ( which is my absolute favorite type of story by the way ) when I finish it I hope you all will like it, I'm going to put a lot of heart into it and making sure to meet the deadline for the competition.

Anyway I get back to work here so to wrap this up, a big thank you for the awesome and lovely people that have done some artwork and words of encouragement to me, it really means a lot guys thank you.

As always in Journal entry's, God bless and remember to stay frosty my friends...=}

PS: Here's some lovely artwork and awesome people, 

Every time I look at these they give me a lot of inspiration and I hope they will to you guys as well.   Wings by Lima-Hibiki CONFUCIUS DIXIT by Lima-Hibiki V. ALEIXANDRE DIXIT by Lima-Hibiki J. LENNON DIXIT by Lima-Hibiki B. GLASSMAN DIXIT by Lima-Hibiki M. TWAIN DIXIT by Lima-Hibiki C. CHAPLIN DIXIT by Lima-Hibiki C. CLARKE DIXIT by Lima-Hibiki

But Celestia refused to change by Xain-Russell   Comeback by WatchPonyDA   Clouds by WatchPonyDA   Hang In There Fluttershy by zombie   Too Seriously by WatchPonyDA   Believe by WatchPonyDA  Learning by WatchPonyDA    Progress by WatchPonyDA  Beautiful by WatchPonyDA  Motivational Pony Heroes by DarkonShadows    The Teacher by WatchPonyDA   Time by WatchPonyDA   Be Kind by AshleyNicholsArt

  The green word by Nordicranger34 This picture inspires what I've been doing the last few months and fun fact it was finished the day before my birthday, talk about a beautiful present to get.

Stream Requests by artoftheghostie My OC on the bottom left, It was fun to watch mine and other people's OC's being draw by this cool artist Be sure to check them out and check out their commissions prices for yourself getting something like this.

PPS: Also don't forget to check out my older sisters comic entry for the competition :iconafterlifeoct: they're announcing the first round of the competition on Sunday, wish her and her friends luck for hopefully being some of the people that get in  AfterLife OCT Character Sheet - Daniel by karlarei2003 Her comic  AfterLife - Page 01 by karlarei2003 and her friends  AfterLife OCT- Katie Ili Reference by AnimationMutation  AfterLife OCT- Talib Ramadi Reference by ElectricEidolon And there comic  AfterLife OCT- Audition 1.1 by ElectricEidolon
  • Listening to: Shovel Knight OST...=}
  • Reading: The dialogue for the characters in my comic...=}
  • Watching: My clock countdown 4 the second half of MLP Sn six
  • Playing: Waiting to play kingdom hearts 2.8...=}
  • Eating: Fruits and vegetable smoothie...=}
  • Drinking: Lots of water as always...=}
Nordicranger34 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had no idea I finished the drawing the day before your birthday :o (Eek) Timing indeed! Also keep up staying motivated! Not only do you inspire those two people, but you also keep the artists you support motivated to continue to post their work here :) 
ElectricEidolon Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the wish of good luck in the OCT! I hope Karla makes it in too. : D

I agree with what the person said: Stay determined! You're making great strides for yourself. If ever you doubt yourself, remember that you're an inspiration to someone out there. : ]
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