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Lost in the lollipop forest? by bassmegapokemonlover Lost in the lollipop forest? by bassmegapokemonlover
Cotton Candy : "Do not worry, as Princess of this kingdom it is my pleasure to escort anyone that has wandered off and direct them back to the road, so do not fret little one."


Cotton Candy is the daughter of Minty Mane and her mother Queen Lolly sweet.

Just like her mother she is very 'sweet' and polite earth pony that you'll ever meet, So long as you never eat licorice around her as it is something that she does not like at all mostly because it reminds her of her uncle licorice swirl.


AN: She does have a connection to my main character Page Turner, hopefully I'll be able to show that story soon either writing or drawing piece by piece and showing it to you, either way it's going to be a 'sweet' story that I hope I'll be able to tell you all very soon...=}


This pony is one of the adoptable that I had gotten, her back story will be written in due time but I just wanted this to be her introduction picture that I drew.

The amazing artists that Originally designed her are these two awesome people here :iconparfywarfy: :iconparfaitpichu: check out their artwork or adoptable and commission information they are very good at what they do.

Until the next artwork or Journal entry my friends, God bless and remember to stay frosty...=}

PS: If there are enough likes on this picture, then I will draw her parents and her uncle as my next project if not then I'll show them at a later time...=}
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