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Crawling my way from nugget bridge back to the Pokemon Center, covered in cuts and bruises.

I make it to the doors of the Pokemon Center and pull myself up and enter in like a normal person.

As I hand Nurse Joy my Pokemon to heal, I sit back on a couch in the lobby and close my eyes as I started to replay the events that had happened only a little while ago.

Mt. Moon really wasn’t that bad except for the annoying trainers that would always get at least one critical hit on one of Pokemon especially, Red arrow, the team rocket grunts almost always got at least two critical hits on my Pokemon, I was freaking out.


But dealing with the wild Pokemon really wasn’t that difficult at all, especially since half the battles I run away from.


As for the end of the Mt. Moon when I ran to the super nerd, I flipped a coin to decide which ancient fossil I was going to get, either the Dome fossil or the Helix fossil.


Unfortunately to my dismay I got the helix fossil, not really much fan of this but I must do what the coin says so I took that fossil and exited Mt. Moon.


I was now on Route 4 again so I quickly ran to the exit to this route to meet my next destination.


Cerulean city is beautiful and small town almost reminded me of pallet town, but I had to quickly shake that out of my thoughts as I had wounded Pokemon in my pokeballs, so quickly going to the Pokemon Center to heal them.


I had spent a few hours in the city and going back and forth between Route 4 as well, I heard from a bug catcher coming from the north of the city that they were strong trainers itching for a challenge and that one in particular had come to the city recently, for half a second I wonder if it was, “no” I said as I shook my head it couldn’t be him but the thought of new challenges excited me so after healing my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center again, I headed up north to nugget bridge.

I was enjoying the walk up to Nugget Bridge until I heard the two words I dreaded to hear from my least favorite person “Yo! Loser!” I let out a heavy sigh as I saw my rival in front of Nugget Bridge to greet me and it soon turned into the hardest Pokemon battle I had yet encountered.


His first Pokemon getting critical hits on me as I returning Pokemon quickly before they get knocked out, the only one that had not been hit was L, that bird threw sand in L’s eyes but L quickly use sleep power to put him sleep and knocked it out.


After that it was pretty much a sweep, except for that rat that he had, it done critical hit on L but L put it to sleep and knocked it out after that.


The sleep Pokemon which only the move teleport at this point was useless, free experience points so I put it to sleep and sent out Shade-man to weaken it until it was in the red and then L finished it off which only left me with my rivals plant type Pokemon to deal with.


Both of them faced each other, L at half HP while his plant type in full health but I had a secret weapon that it didn’t have, and I took full advantage of that.


It was faster than me and tried to use the move stunned spore but it missed then I put it to sleep with sleep powder and use confusion twice on it but then he woke up and tackled L, L took the hit and finished it off with a final confusion.




I open my eyes and stepped out of my daydreaming when I heard Nurse Joy call out to me “sir! your Pokemon are fully healed now.”


I got up from the couch and walked over to the front desk and she handed me my Pokemon.


I let a heavy sigh of relief, I had almost lost my team not a mere 30 minutes ago but I had to shake that feeling off I had a mission to do and I was going to see this through to the end.


Nugget Bridge really wasn’t that difficult at all. After defeating the team rocket grunt then heading my way into route 24 something very strange happened, it was night time and I was resting in my sleeping bag on the ground and was looking out in the stars with L.


After a while though I started getting sleepy and fell asleep, about an hour later I was woken up by L.


“L?” I said sleep sleepily “what time is it?” I reached over to get my clock next to my sleeping bag as L was flying around me trying to get my attention “let’s see, It’s 12 o’clock.” Not exactly my favorite time to be woken up at but I quickly grabbed my butterfly Pokemon with both hands and asked very politely but sternly “L, I know that you normally wouldn’t wake me up unless something important,” as I started and at the same time I heard something passed over my head and make a loud boom I immediately let go of L and turn toward the direction.


“What was that?” I said aloud then to my dismay L started flying towards the direction of the sound “L! Come back!” He ignored me and started going deeper into route 24 letting out a frustrated growl I quickly grabbed my shoes and hastily putting them on and then ran after L, but not realizing I had not taken any of my other Pokemon with me.


“What was with him all of a sudden?” I thought aloud as I had remembered that not a lot of Pokemon usually were not active at night, especially in this area so I could talk as loudly as I wanted to, I had started to fear that I had went in the wrong direction when I started here the fluttering of wings so quickly I ran in that direction hoping that I had not made the wrong decision.


After a few minutes I finally was in a clearing and there I found L and a small crater.


“L!” I said loudly and he quickly turned in my direction “what do you think you were doing? Running off like that?” His head droop down for a moment then with his head turned back up and with his little hand pointed towards the crater.


“What about it?” I said as I was closer to the small crater there was smoke now but it was still hard to see what was in it. “L, can you,” before I finish my sentence he uses his powerful wings to blow what was left of the smoke away for me to get a better look inside “thank you.” I said to him then slowly went inside the crater.


Really it was only about 7 feet wide and 6 feet deep, at first glance all I could see was black crested stone, but as I looked near the center I noticed that there was something there.


I noticed a somewhat small shriveled up looking dark blue creature with dark leaves, as I reached out my hand to see if it was still alive and as I neared its body, it suddenly jumped up on its two legs and bit my hand.


I yelled very loudly and shook my hand violently as a way to try and get rid of it, it finally flew off my hand although it had bit through my skin to draw blood, L immediately flew towards it in anger and used sleep powder on it.


The creature faltered for a moment and then fell asleep without hesitation I quickly grabbed a pokeball and threw it, it popped out of the ball then I threw another one and that did the trick.


I quickly went back to where I had put up my tent and quickly treating my hand wound, then decided to test my luck I let out my new Pokemon to see and scan what it was.


It’s colors for one were different from before, it was a slightly lighter blue and the dead looking leaves on its forehead were now bright green and healthy looking ones, its eyes were red and smiled at me, although I was still a bit hesitant to touch it after the last experience so I used my pokedex and scan the Pokémon and the result that I got was quite interesting.


{ Oddish, the weed pokemon. }

{ Grass and poison type. }

{ During the day, it stays in the cold underground to avoid the sun. It grows by bathing in moonlight. }


“Neat!” I said aloud “all right, what is this one’s gender?” I asked my pokedex hoping like always to get an answer within a moment “female.” it said


“That’s cool.” I said aloud, “it’s genderless.” it said I frowned in confusion “wait what?”

I tapped the side of the machine a few times then a moment later it said proudly “female.” I waited for a few moments to make sure it wouldn’t change again but it didn’t.


So I put the machine aside and looked back at her and said “now that we got that out of the way, how about a name?” It smiled at me that somehow send a chill down my spine and in that moment I felt a name suddenly hit me as I saw that smile, a name that would strike fear into anyone that saw her smile.


“How about I name you, Jenova?” I asked her, she started dancing around in happiness and I take that as a yes.


And since that time she has defeated every opponent that has been sent her way.


And now I stand in front of Misty the gym leader, will I defeat her? Only one way to find out. Tune in for the next Journal entry...=}



Next time:  “what? Jenova! you’re evolving?”

-Jet- Boy, Jolly Nature. Lv18 : Met in Route 22 at Lv 5. Is Alive for now.

-RedArrow- Boy, Rash Nature. Lv19 : Met in Route 2 at Lv 3. Is Alive for now.

-L- Boy, Bashful Nature. Lv18 : Met in Viridian Forest at Lv 5. Is Alive for now.

-Jenova- Girl, Bashful Nature. Lv19 : Met in Route 24 at Lv 14. is ALIVE for NOW.

-Derpy- Boy, Docile Nature. Lv13 : Met in Route 4 at Lv 5. Is Alive for now.

-ShadeMan- Boy, Hasty Nature. Lv14 : Met in Mt. Moon at Lv 7. Is Alive for now.


-DesrtMan- Boy, Gentle Nature. Lv18 : Met in Diglett's Cave at Lv 17. Is Alive for now and in the PC.
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This is my story...and now you're a part of it...=}
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