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I have been dealing with a lot of, stress, anger, pain, emptiness, Darkness, and sadness these last few months than I ever have in all my years.

It has been difficult yes I will not deny that but at the same time, I have found pieces of myself that are truly amazing than I could ever have hoped for.

So many things have changed my life I found my answer, to what was making me so sick.

I had a tumor..."That was" making me very sick, but it's gone now and for a while I have been recovering.

I won't lie, I was in a lot of pain when I woke up after the surgery...I understand now when people say that you're in so much pain that all you can do is just whimper instead of screaming at the top of your lungs that you want to so badly.

After a few days in the hospital I now living in an apartment, it's really nice here although getting used to the city noise takes some getting used to HA HA!

"Honestly" some of the things that have been getting me through the day has been Listening to official or fan made MLP music or videos, and watching my Little pony friendship is magic season five.

I can't believe that this season and also the third movie, the Equestria Girls Friendship Games have been tackling big things and also coming full circle with some characters.

This is helped both as entertainment but more than anything to help find the pieces that are myself when I see the show.


After talking with my little sister and I agree that most the time, I act like Twilight sparkle...her personality and what she does between what I do there are some very strong similarities but she's not the only one.


Diamond Tiara, The stress of not understanding a talent that you have.


Moon Dancer, Feeling empty when a friend lets you down.


Sunset Shimmer, Letting anger and pride being your motivation.


Princess Luna, The pain in your heart when you feel like everything that you do is unappreciated.


Starlight Glimmer, I can understand how sad she felt when her only friend left her.


King Sombra, Allowing fear and darkness control your life.

I never would've have never thought that I can really relate to these pony's, at first they look one-sided not very deep characters, when you look at the show, read the comics, or watch the movies you see that they have a lot of depth to them.

These characters are a bit rough around the edges so to speak but each of them has a very interesting lesson that both young and old can take with them.

When the stress of life and other things slowly melt away you can see the part of yourself that maybe you didn't see before.

Some people may find some similarities to these characters as well not just me, so part two of this I will point out the positives of these pony's so stay tuned.

Until then God bless and remember to stay frosty my friends...=}

PS: I'm slowly coming back...=}

PPS: Happy Apple-Jack day!...=}

Applejack Profile by DarkSittich Freedom by Akeahi Yo Applejack by RainbowScreen Cutie Jack by RainbowScreen

PPPS: Here is some Art and music for
you guys to see and jam to <3 ...=}

For Twilight sparkle.

Princess Twilight Sparkle by RosyCanvas The Fourth Alicorn by NCMares

For Diamond Tiara.

The Pony I Want to Be by Moozua [MLP] ....Thank You.... by TwilyTrinky

Moon Dancer.

A Present for Moon Dancer by MykeGreywolf .:MLP:. Amending Fences by Little-Tweenframes

For Sunset Shimmer.

Shine Like a Rainbow by COGBrony The Many Many Forms of Sunset Shimmer by Ilona-the-Sinister

For Princess Luna.

When a dream comes true... by Lyra-senpai Princess Luna by RosyCanvas

For Starlight Glimmer.

Ending War (Pic of the week S5E26) by JonFawkes Starlight Glimmer - Day 5 by Miss-Cats

King Sombra.

Sombra by SupaCrikeyDave Shadow by Kodabomb

and honorable mention MLP video

God bless and happy holidays everyone...=}

  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: 4everfreebrony - Emerald Eyes (ft. Relative|Pitch)
  • Reading: Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo
  • Watching: MLP SN 2 EP 5 Sisterhooves Social...=}
  • Playing: Shovel Knight...=}
  • Eating: AppleJack's
  • Drinking: Lot's of Apple juice...=}


This is my story...and now you're a part of it...=}
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