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What do I do now? - WIP by bassmegapokemonlover
What do I do now? - WIP
I...had to tried this a fourth time because the window closed on me as I was typing…

(Eyes twitching from annoyance)…(Takes a deep breath and start's again) I need a little bit of sleep and when I wake up I will finish this picture and upload the completed piece on here, I just want to show you guys my progress on it so, good night everypony…=}


The picture portrays a scene which I’m going to also put into writing as well that what happens when a young man just wanted to show his appreciation for his best friend being around for him and buys her a few gifts and then is in a situation where he doesn’t know what to do, hence the name.

I also want to ask you guys a question, what would you do in this kind of situation, would you reject her love? Would you accept it? Or something else? Please tell me your thoughts on this, and depending on how everybody feels about it I might actually make another one on your answers, until then God bless and remember to stay frosty my friends...=}


Its a new chapter

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 6:36 PM

While, look at all this dust! (Then wipes off the dust on the Journal) how long it been since I’ve written anything in this thing? I think it was a year ago and believe me when I say that a lot of things sure have happened, for one as you’ve noticed I’ve been more active on my deviant page as of late and of course made new pictures I’m pleased to see that they’ve getting better each time I’m working on them.


Oh? I guess I should explain myself a little bit since I’ve not said anything since last year.


I won’t divulge too much of that information because it’s personal but I’ll say that last year that the sickness that I have pretty much reached its pinnacle and I really couldn’t do anything except tolerated it and not lose my mind in the process, but around December of last year I actually met another Dr. or I should say doctors and I spent five or six hours talking with them about my symptoms, and my side effects I suffer from then suggested to me a lot of different things to try.


So I’ve been trying what they’ve been telling me and amazingly I have actually been doing a lot better I’m almost exactly how I used to be and believe me when I say that I think the Almighty God for that, it feels wonderful! I’m not 100% better but at least I can control it now better than how I did before and I’m happy to say that there will be new pictures every month, I’ve set myself to have a goal of four and if I reach that goal I’ll do more of course if I feel like it but at least that’s the goal for every month.


I’m also practicing my voice acting and my singing again which is another wonderful thing to be back into it, I have been doing some writing as well so all around doing pretty good I still get depressed or sick every now and again but you know at least now I have the tools to better handle it and I’m very thankful for that.


(Starts tapping his fingers on the table trying to think what else to say) let’s see, let’s see, what! I have it!


I’m also going to start putting some videos on YouTube after all I want people to notice my work and maybe collaborate or want some help I can do some things I have some experience with audacity and as well as some experience in singing and editing as well.


The reason of course I’m not including my ART skills which to me is very good every time I drawing now is because I really doing that for myself it’s really hard to draw for somebody else but it is a very fun side hobby that I do enjoy when I feel inspiration or just relaxing but you never know I might do so when I have an experience or comfortable enough doing it.


I really am trying to be more active on my deviant art and YouTube because I just really want my dream job so I got to show that I got the will for it, speaking of which I thought maybe showing my skill as a reader and read two or more of my favor fanfiction’s and record those and put them on YouTube so I just want to ask you guys, would you like that? maybe I could read some of your fanfiction’s or some of your suggestions depending of I like them, see my favorite stories I like to read our, slice of life, romantic, comedy, sad, dark although that depends on how dark it is if I read it, and I like adventure too.


And of course I forgot to mention the ratings that I will read which is E for everyone, PG, T for teen and maybe higher than that (though that depends on a lot of things, like the story, the language and anything else in the story so keep that in mind when you make suggestions.)


{Stuff that I won’t read if it has this particular tag on it.}


I never liked crossover universes like I had the misfortune of reading something about ninjas and Dragon Ball Z that was really weird I never want to read again so that’s a no on that.


I don’t read sci-fi - so involving spaceships or planets and all that (I am a Star Wars fan but that’s only in that universe, I usually don’t like anything else.)


Completely pointless stories-that’s not a tag but I just want to mention that I hate reading things that have no sense or that gives nothing to the reader after reading it.


Really dark or scary stories. - After all I want to enjoy reading it and my readers not scare myself and them silly.


No lemons. -No more words need to be said about this.


No Gore. -I read one such story by accident and it made me sick so yeah never again.



I think that covers everything if I’ve missed anything let me know but that’s the borderlines I set when I’m reading, as of late though I am reading a lot of MLP stores and Pokémon stores but I don’t know make suggestions and I see if I’ll read it if it looks interestingly even if it’s not the things I’ve mentioned.


Before I forget Dr. Wolf on YouTube was looking for some female voice’s for the main six of a project he was working on so if you are a girl and want to try out check out the video on his YouTube page and see what you need to do, also before I forget tomorrow’s his birthday so wish him a happy birthday as well.


Oh yeah! I have a question or two for you guys before I finish this Journal.


I was thinking of changing my name from bassmegaPokemonlover to PonymegaPokemonlover your thoughts on the name good? Bad? Or just keep my name the way that it is now?


I was also thinking change my icon from Bass to maybe a pony version of him so your thoughts on that as well good? Bad? Or just keep it the way it is?


(I already have one vote for each of these in yes from my little sister she says she loved the idea so please also give me what your thoughts on this as well I really would love to know.)


On one final note, my page views have almost reached 20,000 (Cool!) I’m trying to think of something big to do to celebrate this landmark of awesomeness, maybe a picture, a story thing or something so, if you have a suggestion or idea you want to throw at me please do so to celebrate this awesome event.


Alright then I guess that’s everything, as always I will see you…Wait a minute that sounds familiar, but from where? Any case God bless! Love you guys and of course as I’ve said many times before, stay frosty my friends…=}

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  • Drinking: A lot of water...=}
  • Mood: Helpful
  • Listening to: The Twilight Will Rise...=}
  • Reading: MLP fanfiction...=}
  • Watching: MARKIPLIER : Believe in Yourself...=}
  • Playing: Prop Hunt on
  • Eating: Noting...=}
  • Drinking: A lot of water...=}


This is my story...and now you're a part of it...=}
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